Benefits of Mala Beads

I have a confession: until I got my first set of mala beads, I was highly skeptical. Aside from helping me keep track of mantras, I frankly didn’t see the point. I’m so happy that one day something moved me to make my own and experience their effect. Regular wearers will tell you that this simple (and beautiful) accessory has benefits that go beyond the meditation cushion. Here are just some of them:

  • The weight of the stones is comforting, kind of like a big hug, and results in you feeling extra safe, no matter the situation.
  • Helps you keep track of where you are in prayer or meditation, the benefit being that you get a deeper meditation as a result of not needing to keep count.
  • Helps keep you focused and present during meditation, and generally while wearing them.
  • The materials with which are made have healing properties.
  • Reminds you of your intention and higher purpose: By setting an intention for your Mala (usually we choose the crystals based on this intention), every time you wear it, you will be reminded of this intention. When you recall it often, you bring it to the forefront of your consciousness and your thought patterns and actions will be more aligned with this purpose.
  • Helping you solve problems via your subconscious: The gentle reminder of your intentions and properties of the mala provide a gentle poke to your subconscious so that it works passively to solve problems you’re facing in your life. After a few days of wearing the mala, you might start to realize that ideas around overcoming challenges start to pop up more frequently. Listen to these solutions and seriously consider taking action.

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