Coping with Anxiety in Uncertain Times

With tensions running high and anxiety a part of my daily life, I found myself looking for tools to help me re-center so that I could be in the right headspace to listen, learn, and determine what action I can take to improve the situation. I want to share what I’ve learned and implemented in the last few months to overcome the fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, and frustration in order to move towards the higher vibrational emotion of love, from which we can all stand to benefit.

The Divine Feminine: An Early Exploration

Why do we need to get in touch with our divine feminine? Perfectionism and pleasing tendencies tend to lead to emotional burnout. When we suppress our divine feminine in order to fit into a masculine world, these tendencies become more and more pronounced. Though they’ve become the norm, they should really be seen as red flags that you’re losing touch with your feminine energy.

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