I’ll be uploading classes to YouTube every Tuesday. Here are some of my students’ favourites:


Deepen your practice by focusing on specific skills
$35 for a 2-hour workshop

Arm Balance Online Workshop

Saturday, November 14, 2020
10:00am – 12:00pm

Improve your arm balance game by spending two hours working on building strength and improving your technique so that you can float up and balance with ease.

Studio Classes

Join me in-studio and on other platforms.
Prices vary

Pagoda Studios

Wednesdays starting September 30th

“Sonia’s yoga classes are fun and challenging whether you’re someone just starting out or are more advanced. She provides constant and detailed instruction which is helpful in navigating one’s practice. In over a year of practicing yoga, I was amazed that I had been doing downward dog incorrectly leading to joint pain. Sonia helped correct this. Her gentle and reassuring voice also adds to a pleasant and relaxing experience. I highly recommend you try her class!”

– John D

Not sure where to start?

“I really enjoyed that it was a slow flow but that I still built up some heat in the middle of the flow. So I felt both relaxed AND like I got a good workout. I also got some much needed shoulder and spine [verbal] adjustments in some of the positions.”

– Erin W

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